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Buying Milk Products on a Budget

Milk products have always been welcomed by hundreds of thousands of families across the USA. A glass of fresh and cold milk, a fresh bun with salami, cheese, and greens, a hot omelet - usually this is the breakfast of the citizens of our country.

However, the quality of milk products, especially after last year's scandal caused by the addition of many vegetable fats to American products, still worries many consumers. Today, American experts say that the situation in this regard is not so bad.

American specialists develop their recommendations on what to pay attention to when choosing milk products on a budget. First, the label and the composition of the product indicated on it. Organic milk should only contain pasteurized milk and natural ferments. The shelf life of milk should not exceed 10-14 days.

According to experts, if the packaging indicates that the shelf life is one month or more, it means that, for sure, the product contains synthetic emulsifiers and vegetable oils.

Milk must be protected from sunlight and stored in the refrigerator on the top shelf. The color of the product must be white, with no other shades. But the yellowish hue is not necessarily a sign that the expiration date has expired. This depends on the concentration of fat and the quality of the raw material from which the product is made.

In any case, every buyer in the USA must be cautious because the poisoning caused by expired milk can have serious consequences.

Have American milk producers been "corrected"?

Against the background of the former "milk scandal," today, many American consumers avoid buying milk products produced in the USA by local farmers, preferring imported ones. To the question of the reporter Castle Rock Organic Farms if it makes you have reservations about American milk products, the director of the Center for Consumer Protection of the USA, Samuel Levine, answered:

"Our food farmers value their market, their business, and their consumers. According to the regulations, they strive not to admit in the foods they produce vegetable oils or other prohibited additions, respecting all sanitary norms", Levine underlined.

However, following regular checks, some deviations can be detected anyway. What is certain is that American farmers also use imported raw materials that may indeed contain vegetable oils, not natural ones. But, as a rule, their content is neither critical nor dangerous for consumers.
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