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Q. Why is the cheese white? 
A. Our cheese is white because we do not add any artificial colors to it.  Milk comes out of the cow white and so the cheese is white.  Sometimes the butter of cheese has a bit of yellow color to it because the cows may be out on grass more and that affects the color.

Q. What kind of mold is the blue cheese?  
A. It is Roquefort.

Q. What are cheese curds? 
A. This is the freshest cheese we have.  They are made every Tuesday and ready to eat that afternoon.  The curd is what all cheese looks like before it is put into the mold.  If you like squeaky curds you can heat them in the oven a bit or run some hot water over the closed bag for a bit and they squeak right up.

Q. What is Harvest Moon cheese? 
A. This is one of our specialty cheeses.  It is aged faster than the rest which gives it a sharper or dry taste to it.

Q. How can you sell Raw Milk cheese? 
A.  If the cheese is aged 60 days or more it is legal to sell Raw Milk Cheese.  We sell 2 raw milk cheeses – the cheddar and the blue cheese.

Q. What is Churned Cream?
A. It is our version of butter (only better!)  In the state of Wisconsin you have to have a butter maker’s license to make, label and sell butter. We are currently working on our buttermakers licence.

Q. What is the fat % in your cream? 
A. About 30%. 

Q. Is your ice cream made with skim milk? 
A.  No our ice cream is made half cream and half skim – no fillers or artificial preservatives.

Q. Is your milk pooled? 
A. Our milk comes from our farm - our son Barry and his family care for our cows.  He milks about 150 cows and they are out on pasture for the majority of the time and get a bit of grain as they come in to be milked in the parlor. 

Q. Where do you get the grain to feed them?
A. We are a certified organic farm of about 900 acres.  We raise all of our own grain crops that we use to feed our animals.  We grind our own feed for all our animals.

Q. What does homogenized mean? 
A.  Basically the fat in the milk is spun very fast so the fat is broken up into tiny particles so it stays suspended in the milk.  These particles are then extremely hard for your body to absorb – if they even can. We do not homogenize our milk leaving the fat molecules whole and ease to digest.

Q. How do you pasteurize your milk? 
A.  We vat pasteurize it.  That means it is heated to 145 degrees for 30 minutes.  We believe this is better because the milk is not heated as hot as others who may heat it to 212 degrees for a short time.

Q. Where is your store and the hours? 
A.  We are located about 20 minutes south of Eau Claire, outside of Foster.  You take the I94 to Hwy HH east to Young rd.  The store hours are 8am to 8pm.  There usually is someone at the plant from 8am to 5pm and if not then if is self serve.

Q. Where do you deliver? 
A. Within the Eau Claire, Osseo, Chippewa Falls areas. 
Castle Rock Organic Farms- 715-597-0085
S13240 Young Road , Osseo , Wisconsin 54758
[email protected]

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